Friday, June 28, 2013

INDIE BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Vampire’s Warden’ has great potential – but bad follow-through

Vampire fiction is everywhere these days – and it’s hard to find something new.

‘The Vampire’s Warden,’ by SJ Wright, actually hits on a relatively new idea – but it flounders when Wright tries to present it.

‘The Vampire’s Warden’ is the story of Sarah – a young adult trying to deal with her father’s death, the care of her sister and a long held family secret that is about to crush her.
You see, Sarah’s family has some special “gifts.” They actually have the ability to control and pen vampires – forcing them to stay in a plot of land near her home that has magical properties.

All of this is confusing to Sarah – who realizes her mother isn’t dead, but actually was turned into a vampire and chose to leave – and she doesn’t know how to handle her new reality.

Like I said, the premise of the book is good. The story, though, the story is ridiculously forced.

Wright has a great story, so I don’t understand why she rushes from plot point to plot point at break neck speed. The whole book took me an hour to read – and there was enough plot to flesh the book out.

A lot of times, when I’m reading indie books, I find myself wishing that the author would stop meandering in unnecessary prose and get to the point. In ‘The Vampire’s Warden,’ I found myself thinking just the opposite.

You need more time to get to know these characters, to see their reactions, to feel their bonds.

Instead, Sarah finds herself saddled with a pouty sister and two love interests in about one chapter’s worth of action.

It’s too much.

Still, if the author slows down, future installments of this franchise have potential.

The author has to slow down, though. Otherwise, this is just great potential with a bad outcome.

‘The Vampire’s Warden’ is available for 99 cents on Kindle and $11.69 in paperback. 


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