Saturday, February 16, 2013

INDIE BOOK REVIEW: 'Southern Scotch' offers violence, mayhem and even a few laughs

Sometimes when people cross paths in life – it changes them both forever.

That’s the basic premise of ‘Southern Scotch’ (Reb’s Rebel Yell Crime Tales for Bad Boys and Girls), by Reb MacRath.

In this case, Pete McGregor, a man who is basically bored with life but not inclined to change his ways, is beaten half to death thanks to a case of mistaken identity set in motion by a misguided, and yet still funny, con man.

Because his life is inevitably changed, Pete McGregor becomes Boss, a total badass with a completely bad attitude. Funnily enough, despite the knocks he’s taken in life, Boss still manages to have a heart.

What’s funny about ‘Southern Scotch’ is that it is set in a world that most of us can’t really even imagine – and yet the story is entertaining enough that you can’t help but want to catch a glimpse of that world.

For his part, Boss is all about retribution – until he realizes that the con man may have been conned himself.

The duo form an unlikely partnership that takes them on an emotional and physical journey to find answers about what really happened that night – and about themselves, as well.

I don’t want to get into too many spoilers, because I hate it when people do that. Suffice it to say, this book is sufficiently entertaining – but it is also really violent.

People that have an aversion to violence SHOULD NOT read this book. Don’t even try. It’s going to upset you. This is for people that like Quentin Tarantino movies – and maybe even some Grind House flicks.

This book is tailored towards a specific audience, and I have a hard time believing that audience won’t enjoy what they read if they give it a chance.

‘Southern Scotch’ is written well, and the story flows with a general purpose. There are some typos – but they’re not so bad they yank you out of the narrative.

‘Southern Scotch’ is available on Kindle for $2.99.


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